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Sunday, April 10, 2005

almost over

Well, another short weekend shot to shit. This upcoming week is PSSA week, so we have half days of classes, half days of proctoring. Am v. much looking forward to summer...

The kids have been really good lately. Now that it's getting nicer outside I'm thinking of taking them outside to read. I'm not worried about my students; I'm worried about the other asshole students who like to shout things out the classroom windows to us when we're sitting in the courtyard (another teacher took his class outside and this is what happened). My question is, where are the teachers in the classrooms that the kids are shouting out the windows from?

I can't believe this year is almost over. I feel like it went by SO fast, which is good, and I also realize how much I've done with the kids. I didn't think I'd have enough material to get me to Christmas, and here I am struggling to fit everything in before June. I hope the kids learned stuff. I think they did, but then sometimes they ask the stupidest questions about some of the stuff we're working on and I'm like, where have you been the past seven months?

I'm off to enjoy my Sunday...


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