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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

everything you’ve ever wanted to know about welding

Today is the last day before spring break. My class is currently watching a movie – their reward for being blasted with work from me lately.

Yesterday was hell. I chaperoned a career day field trip, and was excited to see which career speakers I’d get to sit in on. There was an attorney, an FBI agent, an actress, a photographer, a psychologist – any of whom I’d enjoy. But alas, when I received my schedule for the day, I was signed up to sit in on the welder. Yes, the welder. All day. I could tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about welding. You name it – fabrication, underwater welding, welding exams, welding inspections – I’m all “welded out.”

Before my classes today, my kids were all lined up outside of my room, all cramming the doorway trying to get in. It was kind of nice seeing that they were excited for my class. Then I remembered that I was showing a movie, and that optimism vanished.
Oh, well. Onward to spring break!