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Thursday, May 19, 2005

on sabbatical

Dear readers,

I have not posted in quite some time, and I don't know when I'll be able to post again. My busy life has only become busier, and so I feel it's only right that I go on a short sabbatical. Please do check out some of my favorite teacher blogs, though:


I'm sure these lovely ladies will keep you entertained.

Until next time, readers...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

the use of the word "gay"

I've been absent. I know.

With this nice weather and my pent up energy from winter, I've been enjoying any free time I've had outside (I know, I know...what's "free time" to a teacher?). I've been working less and relaxing more. It's been great. AND I don't feel like I'm slipping too far behind with my school stuff.

Now that it's almost the end of the school year, I pretty much know what needs to get done before finals, so planning hasn't taken too long lately. Unfortunately, for the kids, I've been moving at a pretty quick pace. They've been doing a really good job with everything for the most part, though.

The only thing that's really been pissing me off lately is the use of the word "gay." My students throw the word around as insult in a variety of contexts. I've already expressed my hatred of that; they, on the other hand, could care less. I finally took the instigator out in the hall today and let him have it, explaining how I find his "gay" comments to be rude and disrespectful to both me and his classmates. I don't think any of it got through to him, though. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Off to get some grading done, some supper...then to American Idol (I'm hooked).

Sunday, April 10, 2005

almost over

Well, another short weekend shot to shit. This upcoming week is PSSA week, so we have half days of classes, half days of proctoring. Am v. much looking forward to summer...

The kids have been really good lately. Now that it's getting nicer outside I'm thinking of taking them outside to read. I'm not worried about my students; I'm worried about the other asshole students who like to shout things out the classroom windows to us when we're sitting in the courtyard (another teacher took his class outside and this is what happened). My question is, where are the teachers in the classrooms that the kids are shouting out the windows from?

I can't believe this year is almost over. I feel like it went by SO fast, which is good, and I also realize how much I've done with the kids. I didn't think I'd have enough material to get me to Christmas, and here I am struggling to fit everything in before June. I hope the kids learned stuff. I think they did, but then sometimes they ask the stupidest questions about some of the stuff we're working on and I'm like, where have you been the past seven months?

I'm off to enjoy my Sunday...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

everything you’ve ever wanted to know about welding

Today is the last day before spring break. My class is currently watching a movie – their reward for being blasted with work from me lately.

Yesterday was hell. I chaperoned a career day field trip, and was excited to see which career speakers I’d get to sit in on. There was an attorney, an FBI agent, an actress, a photographer, a psychologist – any of whom I’d enjoy. But alas, when I received my schedule for the day, I was signed up to sit in on the welder. Yes, the welder. All day. I could tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about welding. You name it – fabrication, underwater welding, welding exams, welding inspections – I’m all “welded out.”

Before my classes today, my kids were all lined up outside of my room, all cramming the doorway trying to get in. It was kind of nice seeing that they were excited for my class. Then I remembered that I was showing a movie, and that optimism vanished.
Oh, well. Onward to spring break!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

muchly needed spring break

Thanks to all who responded to my last post. I got some great suggestions from you that I'm definitely going to look into.

Well, only two real days of school this week -- Monday and Wednesday -- then we're off for spring break. On Tuesday I have to chaperone the 10th grade field trip for Career Day, which should be bundles of fun (I am being sarcastic here). At least I get out of "real" school for the day.

Am v. much looking forward to having off for spring break, however. It is MUCHLY needed.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

coughing up phlegm

Am sick. Am coughing, sniffling, sneezing, dizzy, congested, nauseous, and all that good stuff "sick." Felt awful in school on Friday, took medicine yesterday, and feel worse today. Don't want to go to school tomorrow but a substitute would not be able to facilitate my lesson plans, so I'm going to suck it up and go into school. I just took Robitusson (sp?), which I absolutely abhor as it makes me gag and cough and act like a three-year-old who is having a hissy fit. I seriously cannot STAND liquid cough medication. Anyone else?

So anyway, I'm still in a dilemma over my absentee system (see previous blog below). Any suggestions?

I've also decided that I'd like to have a web page next year for my students to check what they missed if they were absent. It'll also be a good place to post homework assignments, I hope. How does one get started with something like that? Could I do it on blogger, ya think?

Humor me, readers, and write back, because I'll be cooped up in my house all day coughing up phlegm.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

absentees and missing papers

I am in desperate need of a new system for absentees. You see, I am in a bit of a fix as well because I teach in five different rooms throughout the day. Half the day I'm in one room, which is great, but when I move around, I lose papers, I forget to bring other papers, and I'm basically an all-around disorganized mess.

I have not yet found a good system for dealing with students who are absent. I have tried putting papers aside with their names on (which was way too time-consuming, plus sometimes I'd forget), I've tried just keeping out all the papers from the week on my desk or carrying them around with me (which was a hassle and made my desk extremely cluttered), I've tried having someone in the class keep track of the absentees (but many of my students are incapable of this), so I need HELP! Fellow teachers, what do you do? What works, what doesn't, and what do you suggest?